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The Story Behind Zeguar

Zeugar was formed with a simple motive. To provide a range of No Sugar added, Low calorie sweets and desserts without compromising on the taste. 

Our journey started when one of our founders, was diagnosed with diabetes, aged 30. He had a strong sweet tooth and found it difficult to lead a happy life without his daily dose of sweets. His search for natural, safe and tasty ‘No Sugar Added’ Sweets convinced him of 3 facts 

  • There is very little awareness of ‘Sugar Free’ in the market. With many varieties of Sugar substitutes available in the market, it can be very confusing on what of them are natural, the right ones to use for different types of foods etc.
  • No Sugar added products are difficult to get in India. Very few companies venture into this space (even when 8% of India’s population is diabetic) and even when they have 1-2 SKUs, they are not readily available in most stores. In certain products like chocolates, imported varieties maybe available, but they are often prohibitively costly
  • Many products that are labelled as ‘’Sugar Free’ or ‘No Sugar Added’ are just disguised sugar jaggery, honey, glucose, dried fruits etc. They are neither low calorie nor safe for people who cannot have sugar..
  • Zeugar was formed as a result of a personal quest to develop 100% safe, Natural Sugar Free and Low Calorie food. Our vision is that no one should be denied their share of indulgence, just because of a dietary condition. So if you are diabetic or if you are looking to cut down sugar to avoid it (Remember, Diabetes is hereditary!) or if you are looking to cut down on calories to shed some weight, then our products are for you. The only substitutes we use are Stevia, Sucralose and Maltitol, all of which are either natural or derived from natural sources. 

    It has taken us 25 long months to develop our range of products with the help of top food technologists, chefs and doctors / dieticians. We hope you like our products, like we do! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach us on  contact@zeugar.com