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For a long time now, people have associated healthy food with ‘not so tasty’. Dieting and healthy eating is often considered as an exercise that takes effort and restraint. We want to change the paradigm and introduce brands that are healthy and tasty at the same time. While our first step was Zeugar, we believe we will continue to innovate and launch new brands that takes away guilt from eating


Saladior was launched in 2023. As the name suggest, it is brand focusing on Salads. Correction; tasty Salads. Our Menu currently has 25+ Veg and Non-Veg Salads, sourced from across the globe. Our objective is to introduce 2-3 new salads every month. Every Salad comes in a tossed condition so that our customers can enjoy them right from the bowl.

All the Salads are made from the freshest vegetables and fruits, hand picked from direct vendors. Each Salad comes with detailed descriptions on every ingredient used and the complete Calorific information so that you can plan your diets accordingly.

We also provide monthly / weekly subscriptions, meals delivered directly to home. For these plans customers can pick and chose any Salad in our Menu every day or they can go with a pre-decided time table. Do reach out @ +91 93500 00260 to know more about subscription plans


Pulpure is our range of freshly squeezed fruit pulps. It is pure fruit, we don’t add any water, Ice or Sugar. Just the fruit pulp and nothing else. Extracted using cold press technology, these pulps taste so much better than the usual juices made in a juicing machine. Our range includes.

  • Fresh fruit pulps of a single fruit – Grapes, Apple, Pineapple etc
  • World famous blends – Like ABC (Apple-Carrot-Beetroot), Pina colada etc
  • Fitness and workout blends – Like yummy Green Juice
  • Ailment detox blends – Anti Pain, Anti Cramps etc
  • Fruits and Vegetables are excellent sources of Vitamins and Oxidants that help body immunity and muscle recovery. And Pulpure is just pure Fruit pulp in a bottle