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What is the benefits of going Sugar Free

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  • All our products are diabetic friendly
  • Sugar is banned from our kitchen and our outlets. Every single dish is made with no added Sugar. We use 3 natural sugar substitutes – Maltitol, Stevia and Sucralose. All of which are low calorie and perfectly diabetic safe. We also use only hand-picked fruits that are diabetic friendly (No, you will never see Mango or Pineapple in any of our dishes). 

    The Sugar substitutes we use have extremely low Glycemic Index (rate at which the blood Sugar level increases with intake of food). Food below GI of 55 is generally considered diabetic friendly. GI for the 3 sugar substitutes we use are given below 

      Maltitol powder
      Glycaemic Index
  • Lower Calories –Eat Without the Fear Of Gaining Weight 
  • Perfect choice for all those diet conscious people. Our dishes have typically 25-40% lower calories as compared to a similar dish made with Sugar. This is because Sugar has high calories and the substitutes we use (Sucralose, Stevia) is zero calories. Hence you can feast on our delicacies without worrying about weight gain. 

    One customary caution though – Overeating anything is bad for diabetics. And while we have avoided Sugar completely, the dishes will still have other ingredients like Flour, Butter, Cream etc. So we always recommend consumption in moderation if you are diabetic. Our pack sizes are customized in a way that it is safe to have a pack of your favourite Zeugar dessert at a time.

    Also, if you are diabetic, we always recommend managing your diet in consultation with your doctor 

    An average person gets up to 300 calories daily from Sugar, and by avoiding Sugar completely, these calories can be cut down. This is equivalent to 45 minute of jogging !